Alas the greeffe, and dedly wofull smart:

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Alas the greeffe, and dedly wofull smart:
O cruell causer of vndeserued chaunge:
by great desire vnconstantly to raunge:
is this your waye, for proofe of stedfastenes
5(perdye you knowe : the thing was not so straunge
by former prouff) to muche my faithfulnes
what nedeth, then, suche coloured dowblenes.
I have wailed, thus, weping in nyghtly payn:
in sobbis, & sighes : Alas : & all in vayn:
10in inward plaint : & hertes wofull torment.
and yet, Alas, lo, crueltie, & disdayn
have, set at noght a faithfull true intent:
and price hath priuilege thouth to prevent.
But, though I sterve : & to my deth still morne:
15and pece mele in peces though I be torn:
and though I dye, yelding my weried gooste:
shall never thing again make me retorn
I qwite thenterprise of that, that I have lost
too whome so ever lust for too proffer moost.