Alice in Wonderland (Berlin)

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Alice in Wonderland (1916)
by Irving Berlin
264974Alice in Wonderland1916Irving Berlin
Cover page to the sheet music.

[1st verse (boy part):]
Come little girlie, let's fly away
Into the land of dreams
Far from the whirly gay cabaret
Up with the bright sunbeams

Just let's suppose we are children again
Just to the past let us gaze
Come take a trip on a nursery train
Back to our childhood days

Let's wonder hand in hand
To dreamy Wonderland
Up on a cloud we'll glide
Side by side we'll stand

We'll float right through the air
And when we're landed there
I'll build a Fairy Palace for you
My Alice in Wonderland.

[2nd verse (girl part):]
Most every Christmas I used to spend
Hours in Wonderland
Happy was this Miss just to pretend
She was a princess grand

There with my playthings I dreamed of a boy
Hoping my dreams would come true
I used to say things I thought he'd enjoy
That boy resembled you

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