All About Liberty Bonds

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All About Liberty Bonds  (c. 1918) 

Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

All About Liberty Bonds

Are They?
Liberty Bonds are engraved certificates bearing the guarantee of the Government and People of the United States to repay in gold the full amount loaned, with interest.

Liberty Bonds are as safe as the United States.

Should I Buy Them?
Because we are at war. Because we must have dollars as well as men in the fight for freedom. Because they are the safest investment in the world today.

Each $100 bond has 60 coupons attached. You can cut off one of these every six months and get $1.75 in cash at any bank, without expense.

Can I Buy Them?
For each $50 subscribed pay:
  • $1 down
  • $9 on June 28, 1917
  • $10 on July 30, 1917
  • $15 on August 15, 1917
  • $15 on August 30, 1917

Pay in cash if you prefer.

You don't need a bank account to buy a Liberty Bond.

Can I Buy Them?
At any Bank, Trust Company, Bond House, Post Office, Department Store, Express Company, etc.

Every dollar you pay goes to the Government. No commissions are charged to you or paid to anyone.

Shall I Buy Them?
Buy them NOW.Subscriptions close June 15, 1917.

Our soldiers and sailors will give their lives. You are asked only to lend your money. If you can't fight, your money can. A bond may save a life. A bond will help to end the war.

Buy Your Bonds Today

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