All for Love (Dryden)/Dramatis Personae

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3441122All for Love: or, The World Well Lost — Dramatis PersonæJohn Dryden

Persons Represented.

Mark Anthony,

Ventidius, his General,

Dolabella, his Friend,

Alexas, the Queen's Eunuch,

Serapion, Priest of Isis,

Another Priest,

Servants to Anthony,

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt,

Octavia, Anthony's Wife,

Iras,Cleopatra's Maids,

Anthony's two little Daughters.


Mr. Hart.

Mr. Mohun.

Mr. Clarke.

Mr. Goodman.

Mr. Griffin.

Mr. Coysh.

Mrs. Boutell.

Mrs. Corey.

Scene Alexandria.