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Huntington, David Low (1834–1899).

David Low Huntington, army surgeon, graduated in arts at Yale (1855), in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 1857. In 1862 he entered the regular army as assistant surgeon and served mostly in the West. He was medical officer on the staff of Gen. Grant, medical director of the army of the Tennessee, and accompanied Sherman on his famous march to the sea. Huntington was present in many battles of the war and rendered valuable service at Champion Hills, Vicksburg, Missionary Ridge, Resaca, Dallas and Kenesaw Mountain. After the war he was stationed at different army posts east and west, and from 1875 to 1880 was surgeon in charge of the Soldiers' Home at Washington, from 1880 to 1887, working in the surgeon-general's office. After the death of Otis, Huntington completed the remaining volumes of the well known "Medical and Surgical History of the War." The last volume was published in 1883. During the last years of his military service, Huntington was in charge of the Army Medical Museum and Library. After his retirement in 1898 he travelled in Europe for his health, when death suddenly overtook him at Rome, December 20, 1899.

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