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For Oil of Vitriol or Aqua-Fortis give large doses magnesia and water, or equal parts soft soap and water.

For Oxalic Acid give magnesia, or chalk and water.

For Tartar Emetic give Peruvian bark and water, or a strong decoction of tea until the bark can be had.

For Saltpetre give an emetic of mustard and water; afterwards mucilages and small doses of laudanum.

For Opium or Laudanum give an emetic of mustard, and use constant motion, and if possible the stomach pump.

For Lunar Caustic give common salt.

For Corrosive Sublimate give the whites of eggs mixed with water, until free vomiting takes place.

For Arsenic doses of Magnesia ore good, but freshly prepared Hydrated per Oxide of Iron is better.

Frost Bitten.—Spirits of Turpentine applied at once is a cure for freezing.

Insects taken into the stomach may generally be destroyed by a small quantity of vinegar, to which salt may be added. For insects that may get into the ear, use a little sallad oil.

Burns, Scalds, or Freezing are cured by “Sovereign Water,” an excellent remedy, if rightly applied. Made by 4 grains White vitriol, 1 grain Glue vitriol, 1 grain camphor, half grain saffron, mixed with 2 quarts soft water. Wrap the sores with linen rags and keep constantly wet.

An Ointment made of lime water and sweet oil is a soothing excellent remedy for burns, scalds, &c. Slake lime in water, let it settle and pour it off clear, and mix about equal portions of this water and sweet oil. See pages 20 and 24.

Cure for a Burn.—Wheat flour and cold water mixed to the consistency of soft paste, is an almost instantaneous cure tor a burn, whether large or small. Renew before the first gets so dry as to stick.

Slippery Elm bark powdered makes an excellent healing poultice for burns, sores, &c., boiled with milk and about one-third bread.