American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009/Division A/Title XIII

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Sec. 13001. Short Title; Table of Contents of Title.[edit]

(a) Short Title.—
This title (and Title IV of Division B) may be cited as the ``Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act´´ or the ``HITECH Act´´.
(b) Table of Contents of Title.—
The table of contents of this title is as follows:
Sec. 13001. Short Title; Table of Contents of Title.
Subtitle A—Promotion of Health Information Technology
Part 1—Improving Health Care Quality, Safety, and Efficiency
Sec. 13101. ONCHIT; standards development and adoption.
Sec. 13102. Technical amendment.
Part 2—Application and Use of Adopted Health Information Technology Standards; Reports
Sec. 13111. Coordination of Federal activities with adopted standards and implementation specifications.
Sec. 13112. Application to private entities.
Sec. 13113. Study and reports.
Subtitle B—Testing of Health Information Technology
Sec. 13201. National Institute for Standards and Technology testing.
Sec. 13202. Research and development programs.
Subtitle C—Grants and Loans Funding
Sec. 13301. Grant, loan, and demonstration programs.
Subtitle D—Privacy
Sec. 13400. Definitions.
Part 1—Improved Privacy Provisions and Security Provisions
Sec. 13401. Application of security provisions and penalties to business associates of covered entities; annual guidance on security provisions.
Sec. 13402. Notification in the case of breach.
Sec. 13403. Education on health information privacy.
Sec. 13404. Application of privacy provisions and penalties to business associates of covered entities.
Sec. 13405. Restrictions on certain disclosures and sales of health information; accounting of certain protected health information disclosures; access to certain information in electronic format.
Sec. 13406. Conditions on certain contacts as part of health care operations.
Sec. 13407. Temporary breach notification requirement for vendors of personal health records and other non-HIPAA covered entities.
Sec. 13408. Business associate contracts required for certain entities.
Sec. 13409. Clarification of application of wrongful disclosures criminal penalties.
Sec. 13410. Improved enforcement.
Sec. 13411. Audits.
Part 2—Relationship to Other Laws; Regulatory References; Effective Date; Reports
Sec. 13421. Relationship to other laws.
Sec. 13422. Regulatory references.
Sec. 13423. Effective date.
Sec. 13424. Studies, reports, guidance.