An Island in the Moon/Chapter III

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Chap 3d

In the Moon, as Phebus stood over his oriental Gardening, “O ay, come, I’ll sing you a song,” said the Cynic.

“The trumpeter shit in his hat,” said the Epicurean.

“––& clapt it on his head,” said the Pythagorean.

“Ill begin again said the Cynic

          “Little Phebus came strutting in
          “With his fat belly & his round chin
          “What is it you would please to have
          “Ho! Ho!
          “I wont let it go at only so & so.”

Mrs Gimblet look’d as if they meant her. Tilly Lally laught like a Cherry clapper. Aradobo ask’d, “Who was Phebus Sir?”

Obtuse Angle answerd, quickly, “He was the God of Physic, Painting, Perspective, Geometry, Geography, Astronomy, Cookery, Chymistry, [Conjunctives], Mechanics, Tactics, Pathology, Phraseology, Theolog[y], Mythology, Astrology, Osteology, Somatology, in short every art & science adorn'd him as beads round his neck.”

Here Aradobo lookd Astonishd & askd if he understood Engraving.

Obtuse Angle Answerd indeed he did.

“Well,” said the other, “he was as great as Chatterton.”

Tilly Lally turnd round to Obtuse Angle & askd who it was that was as great as Chatterton.

“Hay! How should I know? Answerd Obtuse Angle. “Who was It, Aradobo?”

“Why sir,” said he, the Gentleman that the song was about.”

“Ah,” said Tilly Lally, “I did not hear it. What was it, Obtuse Angle?

“Pooh,” said he. “Nonsense!”

“Mhm, said Tilly Lally.

“It was Phebus,” said the Epicurean.

“Ah, that was the Gentleman,” said Aradobo.

“Pray Sir,” said Tilly Lally, “who was Phebus?”

Obtuse Angle answerd, “The heathens in the old ages us’d to have Gods that they worship’d, & they us’d to sacrifice to them you have read about that in the bible.”

“Ah,” said Aradobo, “I thought I had read of Phebus in the Bible.”

“Aradobo, you should always think [of what you st] before you speak said Obtuse Angle.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! he means Pharaoh said Tilly Lally.

“I am ashamd of you,–– making [PAGE 4] use of the names [of] in the Bible,” said Mrs. Sigtagatist.

“Ill tell you what Mrs Sinagain I don’t think there’s any harm in it,” said Tilly Lally.

“No,” said Inflammable Gass. “I have got a camera obscura at home. What was it you was talking about?

“Law!” said Tilly Lally. “What has that to do with Pharaoh?”

“Pho! nonsense! hang Pharoh & all his host,” said the Pythagorean. “Sing away, Quid.”

Then the Cynic sung ––

          “Honour & Genius is all I ask
          “And I ask the Gods no more
                   “No more, No more, | the three Philosophers
                    “No more, No more.” | bear Chorus.

Here Aradobo suck’d his under lip.