Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/Annotated/30

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Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book  (1963) 
translated by
Paull Franklin Baum

30 (k-d 77)

The sea fed me;     the water-helm was over me,
and waves covered me,     close to the ground.
I was footless.     Often toward the water
I opened my mouth.     Now people will
eat my meat.     They want not my skin.
When they rip my hide     with the point of a knife
. . . . .     . . . .
Then they eat me uncooked.     . . .
Se me fedde     sundhelm þeahte
mec yþa wrugon     eorþan getenge
feþelease     oft ic flode ongean
muð ontynde     nu wile monna sum
min flæsc fretan     felles ne recceð
siþþan he me of sidan     seaxes orde
hyd arypeð    
[…]ec hr[…]þe siþþan
iteð unsodene     ea