Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/31

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31 (k-d 34)

I saw a thing     in the dwellings of men
that feeds the cattle;     has many teeth.
The beak is useful to it;     it goes downwards,
ravages faithfully;     pulls homewards;
hunts along walls;     reaches for roots.
Always it finds them,     those which are not fast;
lets them, the beautiful,     when they are fast,
stand in quiet     in their proper places,
brightly shining,     growing, blooming.
Ic wiht geseah     in wera burgum
seo þæt feoh fedeð     hafað fela toþa
nebb biþ hyre æt nytte     niþerweard gongeð
hiþeð holdlice     to ham tyhð
wæþeð geond weallas     wyrte seceð
āa heo þa findeð     þa þe fæst ne biþ
læteð hio þa wlitigan     wyrtum fæste
stille stondan     on staþolwonge
beorhte blican     blowan growan