Annie Lisle

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Annie Lisle (1857)
by H. S. Thompson
140367Annie Lisle1857H. S. Thompson

Down where the waving willows
’Neath the sunbeams smile,
Shadow’d o’er the murm’ring waters
Dwelt sweet Annie Lisle;
Pure as the forest lily,
Never tho’t of guile
Had its home within the bosom
Of sweet Annie Lisle.

Wave willows, murmur waters,
Golden sunbeams, smile!
Earthly music cannot waken
Lovely Annie Lisle.

Sweet came the hallow’d chiming
Of the Sabbath bell,
Borne on the morning breezes
Down the woody dell.
On a bed of pain and anguish
Lay dear Annie Lisle,
Chang’d were the lovely features,
Gone the happy smile.


"Raise me in your arms, O mother,
Let me once more look
On the green and waving willows
And the flowing brook.
Hark! the strains of angel music
From the choirs above!
Dearest Mother, I am going.
Surely God is love!"