Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume IV/Commodianus/The Instructions of Commodianus/Chapter 32

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Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. IV, Commodianus, The Instructions of Commodianus by Commodianus, translated by Robert Ernest Wallis
Chapter 32

XXXI.—To Judges.

Consider the sayings of Solomon, all ye judges; in what way, with one word of his, he disparages you.  How gifts and presents corrupt the judges, thence, thence follows the law.  Ye always love givers; and when there shall be a cause, the unjust cause carries off the victory.  Thus I am innocent; nor do I, a man of no account, accuse you, because Solomon openly raises the blasphemy.  But your god is your belly, and rewards are your laws.  Paul the apostle suggests this, I am not deceitful.