Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume VIII/Pseudo-Clementine Literature/The Clementine Homilies/Homily II/Chapter 32

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Chapter XXXII.—Simon’s Prodigies.

Aquila having thus spoken, I Clement inquired:  “What, then, are the prodigies that he works?”  And they told me that he makes statues walk, and that he rolls himself on the fire, and is not burnt; and sometimes he flies; and he makes loaves of stones; he becomes a serpent; he transforms himself into a goat; he becomes two-faced; he changes himself into gold; he opens lockfast gates; he melts iron; at banquets he produces images of all manner of forms.  In his house he makes dishes be seen as borne of themselves to wait upon him, no bearers being seen.  I wondered when I heard them speak thus; but many bore witness that they had been present, and had seen such things.