Anthony de la Roché and Roché Island (South Georgia) in 1675

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Anthony de la Roché and Roché Island (South Georgia) in 1675
by Francisco de Seixas y Lovera, translated by Alexander Dalrymple

... being solicitous to pass by the said Le Maire Strait in April 1675, they could not, the Winds and Currents having carried them so far to the Eastward; and being unable to return towards the Land of the Strait of Magellan, nor to make Staten Land to sail into the No. Sea by Brouwer’s Strait, and seeing that it was far advanced in April and beginning of Winter in that Climate, it would be much if they escaped with Life, particularly as they had no Knowledge or Intimation of the Land which they now began to see toward the East which making and using all endeavours to get near it, they found a Bay, in which they anchored close to a Point or Cape which stretches out to the Southeast with 28. 30. and 40. fathoms Sand and Rock, in which situation they had sight of some Snow Mountains near the Coast, with much bad Weather; they continued there 14 days, at the end of which time having the Weather cleared up, they found that they were at the end of that Land, near which they had anchored, and looking to the SE and South, they saw another high land covered with snow, leaving which, and the Wind setting in gently at SW and sailed out in sight of the said coast of the Island which they left to the Westward, seeing the said Southern land in the said Quarters, it appearing that from one to the other was about 10 lea. little more or less, and that there was a great Current to the NE, to which Point sailing, and steering ENE they found themselves in the No. Sea which leaving and sailing one whole day to the Northwest, the Wind set in so strong and stormy at South that they sailed other 3 days to North till they were in 46deg, where feeling themselves safe they decided to look for Bahia de Todos os Santos. They found at 45 degrees a very great and nice island with a very good port at its eastern coast where they found water, wood and fish. They spent six days there without seeing any human being and then departed for Bahia de Todos os Santos ...


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This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.