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ABBEY, Henry, author, b. in Rondout, N. Y., 11 July, 1842. He was educated at Kingston acad- emy and the Hudson river institute. His first book, " May Dreams," was published in New York in 1862. About this time he became assistant edi- tor of the Rondout " Courier," and subsequently of the Orange " Spectator " (N. J.). " Ralph and other Poems " appeared in 1866, " Stories in Verse " in 1869, and '• Ballads of Good Deeds " in 1872. A new edition of the last named appeared in England in 1876. " Poems by Henry Abbey" was published in 1879, embracing the greater part of the old selec- tions and several new pieces. " The City of Success and other Poems " appeared in 1883, and a new and comprehensive edition of his more important poems was published in Kingston in 1886.