Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Andrews, Sherlock James

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Edition of 1900.  was judge of superior court of Cleveland, not of Ohio. convention in 1850, not 1849

ANDREWS, Sherlock James, jurist, b. in Wallingford, Conn., 17 Nov., 1801; d. in Cleveland, Ohio, 11 Feb., 1880. He was graduated at Union college in 1821, after which he continued his studies at Yale, where he followed the lectures on science as an assistant to Prof. Silliman, and also the lectures on law. In 1825 he removed to Ohio, and from that time devoted himself to the professionof law, and was constantly engaged in important litigation before the state and federal courts. He was elected to congress in 1840 as a whig, and served a single term. He became in 1848 a judge of the superior court of Ohio, and he was a member of the constitutional conventions of 1849 and 1873, where his influence was felt upon important committees. He was urged at one time to allow himself to be a candidate for governor, but declined this distinction, as well as others for which his name was mentioned, because he preferred to remain in private life. For a time he shared with Thomas Corwin the leadership of the Ohio bar. His wit, his eloquence, his sympathy, his good sense, and his integrity gave him great power before a jury or before the public.