Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Arbuckle, Matthew

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ARBUCKLE, Matthew, soldier, b. in Greenbrier co., Va., in 1776; d. at Fort Smith, Ark., 11 June, 1851. He entered the army as an ensign in 1799, became a captain in 1806, major in 1812, lieutenant-colonel in 1814, colonel of the 7th infantry in 1820, and brevet brigadier-general in 1830. In 1817 he was successful in an expedition against the Fowltoun Indians, and in 1846-'47 served in the Mexican war. He commanded at New Orleans, Fort Gibson, and Fort Smith. During much of his life he was brought constantly in contact with the Indians of the frontier, and, by his knowledge of their character, always kept their confidence.