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AUSTIN, Mrs. Jane Goodwin, novelist, b. in Worcester. .Mass.. 25 Feb., 1831; d. in Boston, 30 March. 1894. She was the daughter of Isaac Goodwin, of Worcester. and in 1850 married Loring H. Austin, a classnuitc of James Russell Lowell. She lived for several years in Cambridge, and afterward in Concord, but her later life was chiefly spent in Boston. Her writings consist mostly of historical tales relating to the lives of the Pilgrim fathers ami their descendnnls. and include "Dora Darling" (London. 1864): "Outpost: A Novel" (I860); "Cipher: A Romance "(New York, 1869); "The Shadow of Moloch Mountain" (1870); "Mrs. Beauchamp Brown” (Boston, 1880); “A Nameless Nobleman” (1881); “The Desmond Hundred” (1882); “Standish of Standish” (1889); “Dr. Le Baron and his Daughter” (1891); and “David Alden's Daughter, and other Stories” (1892).