Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Chialiquichiama

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Edition of 1900.

CHIALIQUICHIAMA (chee-ah-lee-kee-chee-ah'-ma), Incan soldier, of quitu ethnicity b. in the latter part of the 15th century; d. at Cajamarca, Peru, in 1533. He had won five battles against the Spaniards before his king, Atahualpa, was defeated and made a prisoner by Pizarro, and had great influence among the other Indian warriors. Atahualpa, while in prison at Cajamarca, summoned Chialiquichiama to him, and the Spaniards made him a prisoner also, fearing lest he might resume hostilities. After the execution of Atahualpa, 29 Aug., 1533, Pizarro advanced with his troops toward Cuzco; but the natives attacked them several times with such spirit and discipline that they suspected Chialiquichiama was in secret communication with the Indians and directing their operations. This suspicion was enough to decide his fate, and Pizarro sentenced him to be burned alive. He was offered a less painful death if he would become a Christian; but he refused to be baptized, and died according to the sentence, remonstrating to the last moment against the injustice of his condemnation.