Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Ixtlilcuechahua

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Edition of 1900. No confirmation of this person's existence outside of Appletons' and derived sources has as yet been located, but there is also no verifiable source which states the person is one of Appletons' fictitious entries. Use this information with EXTRA CAUTION. 

IXTLILCUECHAHUA (isst-leel-quay-chah'-wah), Toltec king, b. about 734; d. about 825. He was the son of Chalchiuhtlanetzin, first Toltec king and founder of that monarchy. Ixtlilcuechahua ascended the throne of Tula in 771, inherited the wisdom and prudence of his father, and was beloved by his subjects. Though he did his best to maintain peace with the neighboring nations, he defended his own and enlarged his dominions by conquest of the countries that attacked Tula. He made great exertions to civilize his kingdom, establishing schools for teaching useful arts and industries, and appointed Huematzin as chronicler of the kingdom, giving him the special charge of collecting the historical paintings which his nation had preserved through all its peregrinations and which afterward formed the celebrated Teomaxtli. He reigned fifty-two years, and, according to the Toltec law, resigned in favor of his immediate heir, Huetzin, in 823.