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KALAKAUA, David, king of Hawaii, b. 16 Nov., 1836; d. in San Francisco, Cal., 20 Jan., 1891. He was the eldest son of a chief, and received a good education, including a familiar knowledge of the English language. When King Kamehameha died in 1872, he was a candidate for the throne, but his opponent, William Lunalilo, was elected by the people, and confirmed by the legislature. The latter died within a year, and in February, 1874, Kalakaua was elected to the vacant throne by a legislature that had been convened for the purpose. Ex-Queen Emma, the rival candidate, received six votes in the assembly, to thirty-six for him. The partisans of Queen Emma provoked disorders, which were quelled by the intervention of English and American marines. In the autumn of 1874 the king set out on a tour of the United States and Europe. He was conveyed to San Francisco in a steam frigate, placed at his disposal by the American government, arriving in that city on 28 Nov. On 10 July, 1887, after some political excitement, he signed a new constitution, limiting the prerogatives of the crown. — His wife, Kapiolani, b. 31 Dec., 1835, received a native education, and adheres to the national customs. She founded in Honolulu a home for the children of lepers. In the spring of 1887 she visited the United States, and in the summer was a guest of the queen of England on the occasion of the jubilee memorial. — His sister, Lydia Kamakaeha Liliuokalani, was nominated to be his successor by Kalakaua, who has no children. In 1879 the princess, who speaks the English language fluently, visited San Francisco. She is accomplished in music, and has composed some native hymns. She is married to Col. John O. Dominis, an American, b. in 1830, who was formerly commander-in-chief of the Hawaiian military forces and governor of the island of Oahu. The princess and her husband accompanied Queen Kapiolani on her visit to the United States in 1887. — The queen-dowager, Emma Kaleleonalani, b. in Honolulu, 2 Jan., 1836; d. there, 25 April, 1885, was the granddaughter of an Englishman who married a chiefess of high rank, and was adopted by Dr. Rooke, an English physician, settled in the islands, who had married her aunt. She received a good English education, and married King Kamehameha on June 19, 1856. In 1865-'6, after the death of her husband, she visited the United States and Europe. Her only child died at the age of four years. She founded the Kamehameha hospital in Honolulu, and left her large estate in trust for the benefit of the Anglican mission.