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KIPLING, Rudyard, English author, b. in Bombay, India, 30 Dec, 1865. He was educated at the United Services college, England, and in 1882 became assistant editor of the “Military Gazette and Pioneer” in India, in which position he continued for seven years. He then travelled extensively in Africa, Asia, and Australia, and later he visited the United States, where he married an American lady and resided for several years in Brattleboro, Vt. After a serious illness in New York, he returned in 1899 to England, where he has a residence on the south coast near Brighton. Mr. Kipling, who is a member of the American and English society of authors, has been a prolific writer, and in some of his popular works, such as “Captain Courageous,” his scenes are laid in the New World. His latest work, issued in 1899, is entitled “Starkey & Co.”; and in the same year a complete edition of his writings was issued in New York in fifteen volumes, with a biographical sketch by Charles Eliot Norton. See “Kiplingiana” (New York, 1899) and “The Kipling Guide-Book” (Birmingham, England, 1899).