Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Little Turtle

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LITTLE TURTLE (Me-che-cun-na-qua), a chief of the Miami Indians, d. in Fort Wayne, Ind., 14 July, 1812. It is supposed that he was partially educated at a Jesuit school in Canada. He was remarkable for his mental vigor and common sense, and was a brave and skilful military leader. He took part in the border warfare of the west, and commanded at the defeat of Gen. Josiah Harmar on Miami river in October, 1790, and also at that of Gen. Arthur St. Clair at St. Mary's, 4 Nov., 1791. He was present, although not in command, at the battle of Fallen Timbers, in which the Indians were defeated by Gen. Anthony Wayne, 20 Aug., 1794, having vainly endeavored to dissuade them from attacking the “Chief-Who-Never-Sleeps,” with whom he urged them to make peace. He was one of the signers of the treaty of Greenville in August, 1795. Early in 1797 he visited President Washington in Philadelphia, where he also met Count Volney, the French philosopher, and was presented by Gen. Kosciuszko with his own pair of elegantly mounted pistols.