Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Tessier, Ulric Joseph

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TESSIER, Ulric Joseph, Canadian jurist, b. in Quebec, 4 May, 1817. He was admitted to the bar as an advocate in 1839, was mayor of Quebec in 1851, entered the parliament of Canada the same year, became a member of the legislative council in 1858, and was its speaker in 1863. He was appointed a member of the executive council in 1862, was senator in 1867, puisne judge of the supreme court of the province of Quebec in 1873, and in 1875 of the court of queen's bench. He founded “La banque nationale” in 1859, and is dean of the faculty of law in Laval university. — His son, Jules, b. in Quebec, 16 April, 1852, was educated at the Quebec seminary and at the Jesuit college, Montreal. He was admitted to the bar in 1874, is one of the editors of the “Quebec Law Reports,” was secretary of the National convention in 1880, is president of the Quebec liberal club, and in 1887 was elected to the legislative assembly of the province.