Arizona v. California (283 U.S. 423)

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United States Supreme Court

283 U.S. 423

State of Arizona  v.  State of California

No. 19.  Argued: March 9, 10, 1931. --- Decided: May 18, 1931.

[Syllabus from pages 423-426 intentionally omitted]

Messrs. Thomas D. Thacher, Sol. Gen., and Robert P. Reeder, both of Washington, D. C., for defendant Wilbur, Secretary of Interior.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 426-432 intentionally omitted]

Mr. U.S. Webb, Atty. Gen. (Messrs. W. B. Mathews and Charles L. Childers, both of Los Angeles, Cal., of counsel), for defendant State of California.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 432-434 intentionally omitted]

Messrs. Clarence L. Ireland, Atty. Gen., and John S. Underwood, of Denver, Colo. (Messrs. Delph E. Carpenter, of Greeley, Colo., Thomas H. Gibson and L. Ward Bannister, both of Denver, Colo., and Raymond L. Sauter, of Sterling, Colo., of counsel), for defendant State of Colorado.

Mr. George P. Parker, Atty. Gen. (Mr. William W. Ray, of Salt Lake City, Utah, of counsel), for defendant State of Utah.

Mr. James A. Greenwood, Atty. Gen. (Messrs. William O. Wilson and Richard J. Jackson, both of Cheyenne, Wyo., and George W. Ferguson, of Thermopolis, Wyo., of counsel), for defendant State of Wyoming.

Mr. Gray Mashburn, Atty. Gen., for defendnt § tate of Nevada.

Mr. E. K. Neumann, Atty. Gen. (Mr. Francis C. Wilson, of Santa Fe , N. M., of counsel), for defendant State of New Mexico.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 434-438 intentionally omitted]

Mr. K. Berry Peterson, Atty. Gen. (Messrs. Dean G. Acheson, of Washington, D. C., and Clifton Mathews, of Globe, Ariz., of counsel), for complainant State of Arizona.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 438-448 intentionally omitted]

Mr. Justice BRANDEIS delivered the opinion of the Court.


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