As You Like It (1919) Yale/Appendix C

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The Text

There is no known quarto edition of As You Like It. The earliest edition is, therefore, that of the First Folio of 1623.

The text of the present edition is by permission that of Craig's Oxford Shakespeare, published by the Oxford University Press. Deviations from the Oxford text have been made in a few places in which the late Mr. Craig adopted modern emendations. The reading of the First Folio has been followed wherever the sense does not clearly demand an alteration. Minor changes of spelling and punctuation have not been listed.

The stage directions are those of the First Folio, with all supplementary directions enclosed in square brackets.

The list of departures from the Oxford text follows, Craig's readings being those after the colons:

I. i. 46. him: he

I. ii. 150 see: feel

I. ii. 177 princess calls: princes call

I. ii. 282 misconsters: misconstrues

I. ii. 289 taller: smaller

II. i. 5 not: but

II. i. 5 Adam.: Adam,

II. i. 6 The seasons' difference—,: the seasons' difference;

II. i. 9 smile and say—: smile and say

II. i. 18 Ami. I would not change it: This is assigned by Craig to Duke Senior

II. iii. 8 bonny: bony

III. ii. 279 moe: more

IV. i. 109 chroniclers: coroners

IV. iii. 89 the woman low: but the woman low,

IV. iii. 106 an old oak: an oak

V. ii. 105 obedience: obeisance

V. ii. 113 Why do you speak too: Who do you speak to,