Assessing the accuracy and quality of Wikipedia entries compared to popular online encyclopaedias/Acknowledgements

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The investigators of this study are grateful to all the academic and student experts from all parts of the world who participated in the study and undertook the reviewing of the articles with great rigour. The investigators gratefully acknowledge those who helped in the selection of the encyclopaedias and articles in Arabic and Spanish, and in the standardisation and anonymisation of the articles before review.

The investigators are thankful to the Clarendon Scholars Council, the Spanish and Latin American Societies, the Middle East Centre and the Khalil Research Institute, the Medical Sciences Division and the Middle Common Rooms of various colleges of the University of Oxford for their help in recruitment.

The investigators appreciate all those students and academics at the University of Oxford who expressed an interest in the study and thank them all for their overwhelming enthusiasm.

The investigators are grateful to the Department of Education at the University of Oxford and to Exeter College for hosting various aspects of the study.

The investigators are grateful to the Wikimedia Foundation for granting the funding to carry out this study.