Astronomische Nachrichten/Volume 44/Auszug aus einem Briefe des Herrn J. F. W. Herschel an den Herausgeber

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Auszug aus einem Briefe des Herrn J. F. W. Herschel an den Herausgeber.

Slough 1823. Oct 17.

The only Astronomical works in which I have been of late engaged, are, a compendious Essay on Physical astronomy of which I beg you to accept a Copy, and a remeasurement of the angles of position and distances of the double stars discovered by my Father and others. This work was undertake in 1821 by Mr. South and myself in conjunction. So early indeed as 1816, I have commenced, at my Father's suggestions, a similar review and had made some progress in it, but Mr. South's superb equatorial instruments being found better adapted to the purpose and Mr. S. himself being desirous to partake in the labour, it was thought preferable to begin de novo. The labours of M. Stuve in the same field were at that time unknown to us, the printed observations of the observatory at Dorpat having since come into our hands, it is highly satisfactory to witness the minute precision with which our observations for the most part accord with those of that excellent and indefatigable observer. Our determination of the distances and position of about 350 of these interesting objects, being the results of near 10000 individual measures, will be communicated to the Royal Society during their ensuing Session — and I shall have great pleasure in transmitting you a copy so soon as they shall be printed.

J. F. W. Herschel.