Atharva-Veda Samhita/Book VI/Hymn 132

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132. To compel a man's love.

[Atharvān̄giras.—pan̄carcam. smaradevatākam. ānuṣṭubham: 1. 3-p. anuṣṭubh; 3. bhurij; 2, 4, 5. 3-p. mahābṛhatī; 2, 4. virāj.]

Like the two preceding hymns, not found in Pāipp. Used by Kāuç. only with its two predecessors (see under 130). The metrical definitions of the Anukr. are artificial and worthless.

Translated: Weber, Ind. Stud. v. 245; Griffith, i. 319; Bloomfield, 104, 535.

1. The love that the gods poured within the waters, greatly burning, together with longing—that I heat for thee by Varuṇa's ordinance (dhárman).

2. The love that all the gods poured etc. etc.

3. The love that Indrāṇī poured etc. etc.

4. The love that Indra-and-Agni poured etc. etc.,

5. The love that Mitra-and-Varuṇa poured etc. etc.