Atharva-Veda Samhita/Book VII/Hymn 11 (12)

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11 (12). Against injury to the grain by lightning.

[Cāunaka.—sārasvatam. trāiṣṭubham.]

Like the preceding hymn, not found in Pāipp.; also not in any other known text. Kāuç. uses it (38. 8), with i. 13, in a ceremony against the effect of lightning; and also (139. 8), with the same and other hymns, in the rites of entrance upon Vedic study (upākarman, comm.). And the comm. quotes it as applied in Çānti-Kalpa 15 with observances to ketu.

Translated: Ludwig, p. 463; Grill, 66, 178; Henry, 5, 54; Griffith, i. 333; Bloomfield, 142, 543.

1. Thy broad thundering, which, exalted, a sign of the gods, spreads over (? ā-bhūṣ) this all—do not, O god, smite our grain with the lightning, and do not smite [it] with the sun's rays.

Sundry of the mss. (including our Bp.2P.M.E.O.) read riṣvás in a (P.M. before it); the comm. has ruṣvas. The latter explains ā bhūṣati as = vyāpnoti. Some mss., as usual, retain the of pṛthúḥ before stan-.