Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Breads/Mammy’s Light Rolls

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One egg beaten lightly,
One tablespoonful of sugar,
One half cake of yeast, dissolved in one-third cup of cold water.
One cup of hot potatoes mashed fine,
One quart of flour,
One tablespoonful of lard,
One teaspoonful of salt.

Put yeast mixed in the order given in a bucket to rise. Let it rise for about forty-five minutes or longer. Then when risen, put it into the flour, which has been mixed with the salt and lard. Do not knead the flour, just stick it together and beat it for fifteen minutes with rolling pin. If yeast does not make dough soft enough a little warm water may be used. After beating the dough, put it into a vessel to rise in warm place for about three hours. When risen, roll it lightly until about one-fourth of an inch thick. Then cut with biscuit cutter and dip into hot grease. Lastly fold the biscuits over and put into pans to rise about an hour or more.
Graham rolls are made the same way.