Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Foreword

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In the art of cooking the “Old Southern Mammy” has few equals and recogonizes no peers.

The following recipes have, with great patience and kindly perseverance, been drawn from the treasured memories of Aunt Caroline Pickett, a famous old Virginia cook, the “pinch of this” and “just a smacker of that” so wonderfully and mysteriously combined by the culinary masters of the Southland have been carefully and scientifically analyzed and recorded in this volume, and after a practical test of each recipe herein presented, the author can, with the fullest degree of confidence, recommend the following as the most attractive and economical combination ever presented.

The variety covers a range sufficient to fully gratify the demands of the modest as well as the exacting tastes of the most pronounced epicure, and have been carefully classified and alphabetically arranged for the convenience of the housewife, and a page has been left blank opposite each page of recipes for her own favorite dishes. It is the author’s intention that this little book become a veritable treasure trove of dainty, appetizing and tasty dishes.