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TO * * * * * *

Those radiant eyes of brightest glow,
 Those flowing locks, with gold-light vieing;
Those blooms, like flowers 'mid winter's snow.
 Have long to me been cause of sighing.

Long felt I, maid, the pains that come
 From loving with a love unspoken;
As streams more deep will aye become
 Till bounds impeding them are broken.

In vain each devious art I try
 From thoughts of thee to gain diversion;
In vain I wander, vain I fly,
 My steadfast heart rejects desertion.

For everywhere that form still seems
 'Mid brightest scenes a sadness making;
For ever present in my dreams—
 For ever present in my waking.

Thus bound to love, I'll dare to woo;
 Thus doomed thy slave, I crave thy kindness;
Thus charmed, enthralled, dear girl, by you,
 I cried to thy—accustomed mildness.