Australian enquiry book of household and general information/Publisher's Preface

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THIS volume, the compilation of Mrs. Lance Rawson, a lady of wide Australian experience in town and bush, is the first work of its kind issued in these colonies.

Most of the matter is original, and the rest has been carefully selected and tried by herself, and adapted to the requirements of Australian Homes.

The book is not a woman's book entirely, neither is it a man's, but it is meant for the use of both men and women.

"Refer to Me" is the motto of the book. There is something about everything and for everybody, so it appeals to the widest circle of readers. Its object is to help people to help themselves. The young housekeeper and the old housewife, the farmer or selector, etc., etc., will all find something of use and profit in its varied pages. A reference to its Index will convince anyone that the contents are a mine of domestic and general information that will amply repay the small price charged for it many times over in the course of a single year.