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Anna Katharine Green

American author; one of the first writers of detective fiction in America; married Charles Rohlfs

Anna Katharine Green


Mr. Gryce and Amelia Butterworth series[edit]

  1. The Leavenworth Case 1906 (1878) (also subtitled: A Detective Story.) (transcription project)
  2. A Strange Disappearance (1880) (external scan)
  3. The Sword of Damocles: A Story of New York Life (1881)
  4. Hand and Ring (1883) (external scan)
  5. Behind Closed Doors (1888)
  6. A Matter of Millions (1891)
  7. The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock (1895) novellette
  8. That Affair Next Door (1897) [Amelia Butterworth 1]
  9. Lost Man's Lane: a Second Episode in the Life of Amelia Butterworth (1898) [Amelia Butterworth 2]
  10. The Circular Study (1900) [Amelia Butterworth 3]
  11. One of my Sons (1901)
  12. Initials Only (frontispiece, Arthur Keller) (1911)
  13. The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow (1917) (external scan)

Other detective and mystery novels[edit]

  • X Y Z: A Detective Story (1883)
  • Hand and Ring (1883)
  • The Mill Mystery (1886)
  • 7 to 12: A Detective Story (1887)
  • Behind Closed Doors (1888)
  • Forsaken Inn (1890)
  • A Matter of Millions (1891)
  • Cynthia Wakeham's Money (1892)
  • Miss Hurd: An Enigma (1894)
  • Doctor Izard (1895)
  • Agatha Webb (1899)
  • One of my Sons (1901)
  • The Filigree Ball: Being a Full and True Account of the Solution of the Mystery Concerning the Jeffrey-Moore Affair (1903)
  • The Millionaire Baby (Illustrated by Arthur I. Keller) (1905) (external scan)
  • The Chief Legatee' (1906) (external scan)
  • The Woman in the Alcove (illustrated by Arthur I. Keller) (1906)
  • The Mayor's Wife (Illustrated by Alice Barber Stephens) (1907)
  • The House of the Whispering Pines (1910)
  • Three Thousand Dollars (1910) (external scan)
  • Initials Only (frontispiece by Arthur Keller) (1911)

Non detective novels[edit]

  • The Sword of Damocles: A Story of New York Life (1881) (external scan)
  • The Defence of the Bride, and other Poems (1882) (external scan)
  • Risifi's Daughter, a Drama (1887)
  • Marked "Personal", A Drama Within a Drama. (1893)
  • To the Minute; Scarlet and Black: Two Tales of Life's Perplexities (1916)

Short stories and collections[edit]

  1. The Golden Slipper
  2. The Second Bullet
  3. An Intangible Clue
  4. The Grotto Spectre
  5. The Dreaming Lady
  6. The House of Clocks
  7. The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock
  8. Missing: Page Thirteen
  9. Violet's Own

Works about Green[edit]

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1927.

The author died in 1935, so works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 80 years or less. Works by this author may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.