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Anne Walbank Buckland


  • Anthropological Studies (1891) (external scan)
  • Facts Suggestive of Prehistoric Intercourse Between East and West (1885)
  • Four as a Sacred Number (1895)
  • The Monument known as King Orry's Grave compared with Tumuli in Gloucestershire (1889)
  • Mythological Birds Ethnologically Considered (1875)
  • Necklaces in relation to prehistoric commerce (1896)
  • Neolithic Trepanning (1894)
  • On American Shell-work and its Affinities (1886)
  • On Traces of Commerce in Prehistoric Times (1885)
  • Our Viands; Whence They Come and How They are Cooked, with a Bundle of Old Recipes from Cookery Books of the Last Century (1893) (external scan)
  • Message-sticks and Prayer-sticks (1897)
  • Rhabdomancy and Belomancy, or Divination by the Rod and by the Arrow (1876)
  • The Significance of Holes in Archaeology (1896)
  • Surgery and Superstition in Neolithic Times (1881)
  • The World Beyond the Esterelles: In Two Volumes (1884)

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