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Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins

English novelist and playwright; better known as Anthony Hope and remembered for the two books, The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and its sequel Rupert of Hentzau (1898), considered to be "minor classics" of English literature

Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins



  • Ruritania trilogy
  1. The Heart of Princess Osra, (1896; previously serialised in To-Day magazine 1895) illus. H. C. Edwards (transcription project)
  2. The Prisoner of Zenda, 1899 (1894) illus. Charles Dana Gibson
  3. Rupert of Hentzau, 1898 illus. Charles Dana Gibson (transcription project)
  • A Man of Mark. 1890. IA PG
  • Father Stafford. 1891. IA PG
  • Mr Witt's Widow: A Frivolous Tale. 1892. IA PG
  • A Change of Air. 1893. IA PG
  • Half a Hero. 1893. IA PG
  • Sport Royal and Other Stories. 1893. IA PG
  • The God in the Car. 1894. IAPG
  • The Chronicles of Count Antonio. 1895. PG
  • Phroso: A Romance. 1897. IA PG
  • Simon Dale. 1898. IA PG
  • Quisanté. 1900. IA PG
  • Tristram of Blent: an episode in the story of an ancient house. 1901. IA PG
  • The Intrusions of Peggy. 1902. IA PG
  • Double Harness. 1904. IA PG
  • A Servant of the Public. 1905. IA PG
  • Tales of Two People. 1907. IA PG
  • The Great Miss Driver. 1908. IA PG
  • Pilkerton's Peerage: A Comedy in Four Acts, 1908 play IA
  • Second String. 1910. IA PG
  • The Adventure of Lady Ursula; a comedy in four acts. 1910 IA
  • Mrs Maxon Protests. 1911. IA PG
  • A Young Man's Year. 1915. IA PG
  • Captain Dieppe. 1918. PG
  • Beaumaroy Home from the Wars. 1919. IA PG
  • The Secret of the Tower. 1919 IA PG
  • Lucinda. 1920. IA PG
  • Little Tiger: A Novel. 1925.


  • Dialogue. 1909.
  • The New (German) Testament: some texts and a commentary, 1914 IA
  • Militarism, German and British, 1915 IA
  • Why Italy is with the Allies, 1917 IA
  • Memories and Notes, 1927

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Included in Comedies of Courtship (1896)


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