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(Greek: Ἀριστόξενος; fl. 335 BC) of Tarentum was a Greek Peripatetic philosopher, and a pupil of Aristotle.


  • Elements of Harmony (incomplete)
  • On rhythmics and metrics (fragment)
  • A treatise on meter (fragment)

Lost Works[edit]

  • Life of Pythagoras (Πυθαγόρου βίος)
  • On Pythagoras and his pupils (Περὶ Πυθαγόρου καὶ τῶν γνωρίμων αὐτοῦ)
  • On the Pythagorean life (Περὶ τοῦ Πυθαγορικοῦ βίου)
  • Pythagorean maxims or Pythagorean negations (Πυθαγορικαὶ ἀποφάσεις)
  • Educational customs or Rules of education (Παιδευτικοὶ νόμοι)
  • Political laws (Πολιτικοὶ νόμοι)
  • Mantinean character (Μαντινέων ἔθη)
  • Praise of Mantineans (Μαντινέων ἐγκώμιον)
  • Life of Archytas (Ἀρχύτα βίος)
  • Life of Socrates (Σωκράτους βίος)
  • Life of Plato (Πλάτωνος βίος)
  • On tonoi (Περὶ τόνων)
  • On music (Περὶ μουσικῆς)
  • On listening to music or Lecture course on music (Μουσικὴ ἀκρόασις)
  • On Praxidamas (Πραξιδαμάντεια)
  • On melodic composition or On music in lyric poetry (Περὶ μελοποιίας)
  • On musical instruments (Περὶ ὀργάνων)
  • On auloi (Περὶ αὐλῶν)
  • On auletes (Περὶ αὐλητῶν)
  • On the boring of auloi (Περὶ αὐλῶν τρήσεως)
  • On choruses (Περὶ χορῶν)
  • On tragic dancing (Περὶ τραγικῆς ὀρχήσεως)
  • Comparisons of dances (Συγκρίσεις)
  • On tragic poets (Περὶ τραγῳδοποιῶν)
  • Life of Telestes (Τελέστου βίος)
  • Miscellaneous table talk or Sympotic miscellany (Σύμμικτα συμποτικά)
  • Notes or Memorabilia (Ὑπομνήματα), Historical notes (Ἱστορικὰ ὑπομνήματα), Brief notes (Κατὰ βραχὺ ὑπομνήματα), Miscellaneous notes (Σύμμικτα ὑπομνήματα), Random jottings (Τὰ σποράδην)