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Weekly addresses

The following list includes weekly addresses delivered by Barack Obama. See also Category:Weekly addresses of Barack Obama.

As President-Elect

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Date Topic Title Notes
11/08/08 Economy "An Urgent Reminder"
11/15/08 Economy "Rise to the Moment"
11/22/08 Economy "It Is Time to Act"
11/29/08 Holidays "Honor, and Give Thanks" preview made available 11/27
12/06/08 Economy "One People United"
12/13/08 Economy "Unease and Uncertainty"
12/20/08 Technology "Search for Knowledge"
12/27/08 Holidays "Hope Endures" preview made available 12/24
01/03/09 Economy "American Recovery"
01/10/09 Economy "Not a Matter of Chance"
01/17/09 Inauguration "American Tradition"

As President


What had previously been referred to as the "Presidential Radio Address" became known as the "Presidential Weekly Address" when President Obama began using YouTube as a method of delivering the address.

First Term



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Date Topic Title Notes
01/24/09 Economy "The Challenges We Face" First address as President
01/31/09 Economy "We Are Moving Forward"
02/07/09 Economy "Scale and Scope" First address closed captioned
02/14/09 Economy "Equal to This Task"
02/21/09 Economy "Rules of the Road"
02/28/09 Federal Budget "Real and Dramatic Change"
03/07/09 Federal Budget "Where We Need to Go"
03/14/09 Health Care "A Troubling Trend"
03/21/09 Federal Budget "Equal to the Task"
03/28/09 Red River flood "The Power of Nature"
04/04/09 Foreign Relations "The Challenges of Our Time" Address made on Air Force One
04/11/09 Holidays "This Time of Renewal"
04/18/09 Economy "Efficient and Accountable"
04/25/09 Economy "To Serve the People"
05/02/09 H1N1 Pandemic "Safety and Security"
05/09/09 Economy "All In This Together"
05/15/09 Energy; Health Care "This New Foundation"
05/23/09 Holidays "The Heart of our History"
05/30/09 Sonia Sotomayor "A Lifetime of Experience"
06/06/09 Health Care "Time to Deliver"
06/13/09 Economy; Health Care "Frayed at the Seams"
06/20/09 Economy "Spoiling for a Fight"
06/27/09 Energy "Investing in Clean Energy"
07/04/09 Holidays "Write the Next Chapter"
07/11/09 Jobs "Courage and Determination" Address made in L'Aquila, Italy
07/18/09 Health Care "The Security They Deserve"
07/25/09 Health Care "The Care They Need"
08/01/09 Economy "This Storm Will Pass"
08/08/09 Health Care "This Isn't About Politics"
08/15/09 Health Care "Our Responsibility in Our Time"
08/22/09 Health Care "More Outrageous Myths"
08/29/09 Katrina Anniversary "The Chance of Renewal"
09/05/09 Jobs "More Prosperous Times"
09/12/09 Health Care "Put Country Before Party"
09/19/09 Economy "The Interests of All of Us"
09/26/09 Foreign Relations "The Community of Nations" Recorded on return from the G20 Summit
10/03/09 Economy; Health Care "A Spirit of Civility"
10/10/09 Health Care "What We Are Called to Do"
10/17/09 Health Care "Serve the National Interest"
10/24/09 Economy "Make Us Who We Are"
10/31/09 Economy "Built on a Solid Foundation"
11/07/09 Fort Hood Shooting "Our Nation Endures"
11/14/09 Holidays; Fort Hood "All Who Wear the Uniform"
11/21/09 Foreign Relations "Stronger and More Prosperous" Address made in Seoul, South Korea
11/28/09 Holidays "Jobs and Opportunities" Preview made available 11/26
12/05/09 Jobs "The Promise of America"
12/12/09 Economy; Jobs "Responsibility and Accountability"
12/19/09 Health Care "Long and Vigorous Debate"
12/24/09 Holidays "Everything in Our Power" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/02/10 Terrorism "Confidence and Optimism" Address made in Honolulu, Hawaii
01/09/10 Health Care "Tremendous Promise"
01/16/10 Economy; Jobs "Costly and Painful Crisis"
01/23/10 Legislation "Washington Belongs to You"
01/30/10 Federal Budget "What We Must Deliver"
02/06/10 Economy "Every Incentive to Help"
02/13/10 Economy "Every Dollar We Spend"
02/20/10 Health Care "To Solve Any Problem"
02/27/10 Winter Olympics "Time for Us to Act"
03/06/10 Health Care "A Long and Hard Road"
03/13/10 Education "Brimming With Promise"
03/20/10 Economy "To Exact a Terrible Toll"
03/27/10 Education "Our Greatest Common Tasks"
04/03/10 Holidays "This Unity Will Endure"
04/10/10 Taxes "Reach for the American Dream"
04/17/10 Economy "The Costs of Inaction"
04/24/10 Economy "Trust and Confidence"
05/01/10 Ethics "Even More Powerful Weapon"
05/08/10 Health Care "What Change Looks Like"
05/15/10 Economy "To Lay a New Foundation"
05/22/10 Deepwater Horizon "What Worked and What Didn’t"
05/29/10 Veterans "To Lay a Few Stems"
06/05/10 Deepwater Horizon "In the Face of Adversity" Address made from Grand Isle, Louisiana
06/12/10 Health Care "The Responsibility We Have"
06/19/10 Obstructionism "Compromise and Cooperation"
06/26/10 Economy "The Verge of Victory"
07/03/10 Economy; Energy "Write Our Own Destiny"
07/10/10 Veterans "The Character to Serve"
07/17/10 Obstructionism "To Come Through This Storm"
07/24/10 Economy "The Character of This Nation"
07/31/10 Economy "How We Deal With Challenge" Address made from Detroit, Michigan
08/07/10 Medicare "A Solemn Compact"
08/14/10 Social Security "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever"
08/21/10 Ethics "Of, By, and For the People"
08/28/10 Iraq War "The Promise Our Nation Makes"
09/04/10 Economy; Holidays "Hard Work and Responsibility"
09/11/10 9/11 Anniversary "A Day That Tested Our Country"
09/18/10 Economy; Ethics "Our Democracy Itself"
09/25/10 Economy "The Best of Them"
10/02/10 Economy; Energy "Fight for a Brighter Future"
10/09/10 Education "Playing for First"
10/16/10 Economy "Innovation and Ingenuity"
10/23/10 Economy "A Level Playing Field"
10/30/10 Elections "The Allegiance We Hold"
11/06/10 Taxes "Your Message Was Clear"
11/13/10 Economy; Taxes "Measures of Transparency"
11/20/10 New START "A Win for America"
11/25/10 Veterans; Holidays "The Blessings of One Another"
12/04/10 Economy; Taxes "Restore the American Dream" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
12/11/10 Economy; Taxes "Strengthening the Middle Class"
12/18/10 New START "Spirit of Common Purpose"
12/25/10 Holidays; Military "Simple Gifts" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/01/11 Economy; Holidays "A New Year and a New Decade"
01/08/11 Economy; Taxes "Our Fundamental Mission"
01/15/11 Tucson Shooting "The Work of This Nation"
01/22/11 Economy "A New and Challenging Time"
01/29/11 Economy; Education "The Incredible Promise" Address made in Manitowoc, Wisconsin
02/05/11 Economy; Technology "Our Nation Will Prosper"
02/12/11 Economy "What We Cannot Do Without"
02/19/11 Economy; Education "America Will Win the Future" Address made in Portland, Oregon
02/26/11 Economy; Energy "Our People and Our Economy"
03/05/11 Economy; Education "The Future of an Entire Generation" Address made in Miami, Florida
03/12/11 Gender "How Far We've Come"
03/26/11 Military, Libyan War;
Foreign Relations
"Our Interests and Our Ideals"
04/02/11 Economy; Energy "Keep Up the Momentum" Address made in Landover, Maryland
04/09/11 Economy; Taxes "What the American People Deserve"
04/16/11 Economy; Taxes;
Health Care
"What's Really at Stake"
04/23/11 Economy; Energy "What Our Mission Has to Be"
04/30/11 Economy; Energy "Investment in a Better Tomorrow"
05/07/11 Economy; Energy "When We Set Our Minds To It" Address made in Indianapolis, Indiana
05/14/11 Energy "Investments Worth Making"
05/21/11 Education "Race to the Top"
05/28/11 Economy; Holidays "A Single Act of Kindness" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
06/04/11 Economy "People Who Don’t Give Up" Address made in Toledo, Ohio
06/11/11 Economy; Energy "Put That Dream Within Reach"
06/18/11 Family; Holidays "Those Precious Moments"
06/25/11 Economy; Technology;
Foreign Relations
"The Challenges of a New Time" Address made from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
07/02/11 Economy; Holidays "For the Sake of Our Country"
07/09/11 Economy "Rise to the Moment"
07/16/11 Economy "The Least You Expect From Us"
07/23/11 Debt; Economy "What the American People Expect"
07/30/11 Debt; Economy "The Time for Compromise"
08/06/11 Debt; Economy "Reach a Brighter Day"
08/13/11 Economy "Putting the American People First"
08/20/11 Economy; Jobs "Made in America" Address made in Alpha, Illinois
08/27/11 9/11 Anniversary "Character and Compassion"
09/03/11 Economy; Legislation "Keep Our Country Moving"
09/10/11 9/11 Anniversary;
Family; Veterans
"Coming Together as One Nation"
09/17/11 American Jobs Act "The Time for Action is Now"
09/24/11 Economy; Education "Time to Raise Our Standards"
10/01/11 American Jobs Act "Pass This Jobs Bill"
10/08/11 Economy "Making Your Voices Heard"
10/15/11 Economy "Putting People Back to Work" Address made in Detroit, Michigan
10/22/11 Economy; Veterans
Foreign Relations
"Bringing Home Our Troops"
10/29/11 Economy "We Can't Wait to Create Jobs"
11/05/11 Economy "Increase the Pace" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/12/11 Military "An American Responsibility" Address made aboard USS Carl Vinson
11/19/11 Economy "Three Proud Words" Address made from Indonesia
11/24/11 Veterans; Holidays "We Make Tomorrow Better"
12/03/11 Economy; Taxes "Stronger Than Before"
12/10/11 Economy; Taxes "Time to Do What's Right"
12/17/11 Military "When We Stick Together"
12/24/11 Military; Holidays "A Time to Give Thanks" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/31/11 Economy; Holidays "Move This Country Forward"


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/07/12 Economy "Insourcing American Jobs"
01/14/12 Economy "Part of a Hopeful Trend"
01/21/12 Economy "America is Open for Business"
01/28/12 Economy "An Economy Built to Last"
02/04/12 Housing "Fairness and Responsibility"
02/11/12 Taxes "All the Difference in the World"
02/18/12 Economy "We Said We Would Do It" Address made in Everett, Washington
02/25/12 Economy "All of the Above"
03/03/12 Energy "The Clean Energy Future"
03/10/12 Energy "Right Now and in the Future" Address made in Petersburg, Virginia
03/17/12 Energy "The Past or the Future"
03/24/12 Transportation "The Greatest Nation on Earth"
03/31/12 Economy; Taxes "What We Can Do Together"
04/07/12 Holidays "The Triumph of Hope"
04/14/12 Economy; Taxes "It Doesn't Make Sense"
04/21/12 Economy; Education "A Question of Values"
04/28/12 Veterans; Education "Bravery and Honor"
05/05/12 Foreign Relations "A New Chapter Begins"
05/12/12 Economy "Moving This Country Forward"
05/19/12 Economy "Making This Economy Stronger"
05/26/12 Veterans; Holidays "So That We Could Be Free"
06/02/12 Economy; Veterans "We Would Come Back Stronger" Address made in Golden Valley, Minnesota
06/09/12 Economy; Education "Bigger Than an Election"
06/16/12 Economy "Moving This Country Forward"
06/23/12 Economy; Education "Keep This Recovery Moving"
06/30/12 Colorado Wildfires "Look Out for Each Other" Address made in Colorado Springs, Colorado
07/07/12 Economy; Education "Your Voice Will Be Heard" Address made in Boardman, Ohio
07/14/12 Economy; Taxes "What We All Agree On"
07/21/12 Aurora Shooting "The Hard Days to Come"
07/28/12 Economy; Taxes "Making Sure That Work Pays Off"
08/04/12 Summer Olympics "Why We Come Together"
08/11/12 Midwestern Drought "Come Out of This Stronger"
08/18/12 Economy; Education "Teachers Matter"
08/25/12 Medicare "Keeping Our Promises"
09/01/12 Veterans "Every Sense of the Word"
09/08/12 9/11 Anniversary "Just How Far We've Come"
09/15/12 Benghazi Attack "The Country They Served"
09/22/12 Economy; Veterans "There’s Been Enough Talk"
09/29/12 Economy; Housing "Standing in the Way"
10/06/12 Economy; Veterans "To Keep Moving Forward"
10/13/12 Economy "How Far We've Come Together"
10/20/12 Economy; Housing "The Progress We've Made"
10/27/12 Economy; Reform "The Same Set of Rules"
11/03/12 Hurricane Sandy "To Recover and Rebuild"
11/10/12 Economy; Jobs "Balanced and Responsible"
11/17/12 Economy; Taxes "Just Get the Job Done"
11/22/12 Holidays "Something to Be Grateful For"
12/01/12 Economy; Taxes "We All Have a Say" Address made in Hatfield, Pennsvylania
12/08/12 Economy; Taxes "A Sense of Security"
12/15/12 Newtown Shooting "Our Hearts Are Broken"
12/22/12 Veterans; Holidays "This Season of Giving" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/29/12 Economy; Taxes "To Protect the Middle Class"


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/05/13 Economy; Taxes "The Interests of Our Country"
01/12/13 Afghan War "A Very Difficult Mission"
01/19/13 Weapons Reform "A Real and Lasting Difference"

Second Term



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Date Topic Title Notes
01/26/13 Economy; Nominations "The Greatest Force"
02/02/13 Economy "Effort and Determination"
02/09/13 Economy; Sequester "The Support They Need"
02/16/13 Economy; Education "The Next Great Chapter"
02/23/13 Economy; Sequester "Our Driving Focus"
03/02/13 Economy; Sequester "Willing to Compromise"
03/09/13 Economy; Sequester "Compromise Is Possible"
03/16/13 Economy; Energy "When We Commit Ourselves" Address made at Argonne National
Laboratory outside Chicago, Illinois
03/23/13 Weapons Reform "A Unique Opportunity"
03/30/13 Holidays "The Triumph of Faith"
04/06/13 Economy; Jobs "Leave Behind Something Better"
04/13/13 Weapons Reform "When Real Change Begins" Delivered by Francine Wheeler
04/20/13 Boston Bombings "Compassionately and Unafraid"
04/27/13 Economy; Sequester "The Same Sense of Urgency"
05/04/13 Economy; Immigration "Shared Heritage and Values" Address made in Mexico City, Mexico
05/11/13 Economy; Housing "Hard Work is Rewarded"
05/18/13 Economy; Jobs "We'll All Prosper, Together"
05/25/13 Holidays; Veterans "What Their Sacrifices Achieved"
06/01/13 Housing; Immigration "Where We Need to Be"
06/08/13 Immigration "The Chance to Earn Their Way"
06/15/13 Holidays "Comfort and Encouragement"
06/22/13 Economy; Immigration "The Story of America"
06/29/13 Environment "Where We Go From Here"
07/06/13 Holidays; Veterans "This Improbable Nation"
07/13/13 Immigration; Jobs "To Get This Done"
07/20/13 Economy "Fair and Much More Sound"
07/27/13 Economy "Build That Better Bargain"
08/03/13 Economy "Take a Few Bold Steps"
08/03/13 Economy; Housing "A Source of Pride"
08/17/13 Affordable Care Act "This Isn't a Game"
08/24/13 Education "A Roll of the Dice"
08/31/13 Holidays "The Envy of the World"
09/07/13 Syrian Uprising "Somebody Else's War"
09/14/13 Syrian Uprising "A Diplomatic Solution"
09/21/13 Debt; Economy "Running Out of Time"
09/28/13 Affordable Care Act "Full Faith and Credit"
10/05/13 Government Shutdown "Threats to Our Economy"
10/12/13 Government Shutdown "When We Work Together"
10/19/13 Government Shutdown "The Cloud of Crisis"
10/26/13 Affordable Care Act "For Every One of Us"
11/02/13 Economy; Federal Budget "A Chance to Get Ahead"
11/09/13 Holidays "Everything You've Done"
11/16/13 Energy; Environment "Where We're Heading"
11/23/13 Economy "To Build a Better Bargain"
11/28/13 Holidays "One American Family"
12/07/13 Economy "The Smart Thing To Do"
12/14/13 Newton Anniversary "We Must Make a Change"
12/21/13 Economy "A Fair Shot at Success"
12/28/13 Holidays "Stories of the Season" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/04/14 Unemployment "A Growing Middle Class"
01/11/14 Economy; Jobs "A Year of Action"
01/18/14 Economy; Jobs "A Breakthrough Year"
01/25/14 Sexual Violence "Every Girl and Boy"
02/01/14 Economy "Hard Work Pays Off"
02/15/14 Minimum Wage "Give America a Raise"
02/22/14 Minimum Wage "A Chance to Get Ahead"
03/01/14 Economy "Out Founding Vision"
03/08/14 Minimum Wage "To Restore Opportunity"
03/15/14 Overtime Pay "Hope and Optimism"
03/22/14 Minimum Wage "Good for Business"
03/29/14 Minimum Wage "Deserve Enough Pay" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
04/05/14 Federal Budget "From the Middle-Out"
04/12/14 Pay Inequality "Equal Pay for Equal Work
04/19/14 Holidays "A Better Day to Come"
04/26/14 Minimum Wage "Time for Ten-Ten"
05/03/14 Economy "Growing the Economy"
05/10/14 Nigerian Kidnapping;
"Hope for the Future" Delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama
05/17/14 Economy "Willing to Help"
05/24/14 Veterans; Holidays "A Sacred Obligation"
05/31/14 Environment "Break the Old Rules" Address made from the
Children's National Medical Center
06/07/14 College Affordability "The Surest Pathway"
06/14/14 Holidays "Every Day of the Year"
06/21/14 Workplace Policy "Family-Friendly Policies"
06/28/14 Economy "Offer a Fair Shot"
07/04/14 Veterans; Holidays "You Keep Us Safe"
07/12/14 Economy "Help Working Americans"
07/19/14 Economy "Some Good Steps"
07/26/14 Tax Reform "An Economic Patriotism"
08/02/14 Economy "To Get Things Moving"
08/09/14 Iraq Operations "Dignity and Freedom"
08/16/14 College Affordability "Make a New Argument"
08/23/14 Exim Bank "Hard Work and Resilience"
08/30/14 Minimum Wage;
"United American Family"
09/06/14 Economy "Given a Fair Shot" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
09/13/14 ISIL "We Will Never Waver"
09/20/14 ISIL "A Moment We Will Meet"
09/27/14 ISIL "To Secure That Legacy"
10/04/14 Economy "Growth Is Shared" Address made from Princeton, Indiana
10/11/14 Minimum Wage "Hard Work is Rewarded"
10/18/14 Ebola Virus "How to Wage This Fight"
10/25/14 Ebola Virus "Meet This Challenge"
11/01/14 Minimum Wage "Stand Up and Choose"
11/08/14 Veterans; Holidays "Stay Strong and Free"
11/15/14 Health Care "Breathe a Little Easier"
11/22/14 Immigration "Our Shared Commitment" Address made from Del Sol High School
in Las Vegas, Nevada
11/27/14 Holidays "Remember and Be Grateful"
12/06/14 Economy "A Lot of Work To Do"
12/13/14 Veterans "Stable and Secure"
12/20/14 Economy "A New Foundation"
12/25/14 Holidays "Children's Winter Wonderland" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/03/15 Health Care "Pleased and Excited" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
01/10/15 Economy "Full Speed Ahead"
01/17/15 Economy "Resilience and Sacrifice"
01/24/15 Economy "The Choice Is Clear"
01/31/15 Economy "The Same Set of Rules"
02/07/15 Economy "Worthy of This Country" Address made from Indianapolis, Indiana
02/14/15 Education "Pick Up the Books"
02/21/15 Economy "Written By Us"
02/28/15 Economy "Rules of the Road"
03/07/15 Education "Her Unique Contributions"
03/14/15 College Affordability "Built on Innovation"
03/21/15 Loretta Lynch "Stop Playing Politics"
03/28/15 Economy "A Vicious Cycle of Debt"
04/04/15 Foreign Relations "The Diplomatic Option"
04/11/15 Economy "Crisis to Recovery" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
04/18/15 Environment "This Precious Planet"
04/25/15 Economy "Learn From the Past"
05/02/15 Education "Expand Their Horizons" Address made from Anacostia Library
05/08/15 V-E Anniversary "The Hope of Peace"
05/16/15 Poverty "The Least of These"
05/23/15 Holidays "What We Must Do"
05/30/15 USA Freedom Act "Help Build Confidence"
06/06/15 Immigration "Seeking a Better Life"
06/13/15 Economy "To Write the Rules"
06/20/15 Economy "More Work to Do"
06/27/15 Affordable Care Act "A Right For All"
07/04/15 Holidays "The Creed That Binds Us"
07/11/15 Housing "The America I Love"
07/18/15 Iran Deal "On Questions of War"
07/25/15 Economy "Innovation and Fair Play"
08/01/15 Medicare/Medicaid "The Freedom to Live"
08/08/15 Voting Rights "Right to Cast Ballot"
08/15/15 Community Policing "Face These Issues Squarely"
08/22/15 Federal Budget "To Find Common Ground"
08/29/15 Climate Change "Our Wake-Up Call"
09/05/15 Holidays "The Values We Honor"
09/12/15 Education "Their Full Potential"
09/19/15 Federal Budget "Set Our Sights Higher"
09/26/15 Health "A Challenge We Can Solve"
10/03/15 Federal Budget "Planning for the Future"
10/10/15 TPP "We Are Writing the Rules"
10/17/15 Prison Reform "Earning Their Second Chance"
10/24/15 Environment "Our Common Home"
10/31/15 Prison Reform "Our Founding Ideal"
11/07/15 Affordable Care Act "Health Care in America"
11/14/15 Holidays "All Those Who Serve"
11/21/15 Syrian refugees "We Stand As One" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/25/15 Holidays "Joy and Gratitude"
12/05/15 San Bernardino "A Free and Open Society"
12/12/15 San Bernardino "A Powerful Message"
12/19/15 Year in Review "All of This Progress"
12/25/15 Holidays "A Timeless Tradition" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/01/16 Weapons Reform "Unfinished Business"
01/09/16 Economy "Challenge and Change"
01/16/16 Economy "Profound Changes"
01/23/16 Affordable Care Act "Making a Difference"
01/30/16 Education; Economy "In the Years Ahead"
02/06/16 Environment "Face This Challenge"
02/13/16 Politics "A Politics of Hope" Address made from Springfield, Illinois
02/20/16 Cuban Relations "Focused on the Future"
02/27/16 ISIL "We Will Prevail"
03/05/16 Economy "Spirit of Innovation"
03/12/16 Nancy Reagan "An American Icon"
03/19/16 Merrick Garland "Work Hard and Deal Fairly"
03/26/16 Brussels Bombings "The Courage to Build"
04/02/16 Nuclear Safety Summit "Safe and Strong and Free" Address made from Nuclear Safety Summit
at Walter E. Washington Convention Center
04/09/16 Economy "Build on the Work"
04/16/16 Economy "Our Free Market Works"
04/30/16 Merrick Garland "Unimpeachable Qualifications"
05/07/16 Holidays "The Most Important Job"
05/14/16 Drug Abuse "The Strength to Recover" Given with singer/songwriter Macklemore
05/21/16 Overtime "The Chance to Get Ahead"
05/28/16 Holidays "Responsibility to Remember"
06/04/16 Economy "A Brighter Future for All"
06/11/16 Puerto Rico "Toward a Brighter Day"
06/18/16 Pulse Massacre "Be There for Each Other"
06/25/16 Stonewall Monument "An Arc of Progress"
07/02/16 Holidays "The Best of Who We Are"
07/09/16 Dallas Shooting "The Courage of Our Actions" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
07/16/16 Baton Rogue Shooting "The Capacity to Change"
07/23/16 Consumer Protection "What We're Fighting For" Given with Senator Elizabeth Warren
07/30/16 Merrick Garland "The Defining Difference" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden and
former federal judge Timothy K. Lewis
08/06/16 Summer Olympics "The Best of America"
08/13/16 Environment "Our Most Beautiful Spaces"
08/19/16 National Parks "To Have the Foresight"
08/27/16 Zika Virus "More Important Than Politics"
09/03/16 Holidays "The Legacy We Celebrate"
09/09/16 9/11 Anniversary "Our Shared Belief"
09/17/16 Obstructionism "The People We Elect"
09/24/16 The NMAAHC "A Fuller Account"
10/01/16 Workplace Policy "A Meaningful Difference"
10/08/16 Economy "Put Politics Aside"
10/15/16 Science "Into the Next Frontier"
10/22/16 Air Travel "Be a Force for Good"
10/29/16 Cancer Moonshot "The Ones We Can Save" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/05/16 Affordable Care Act "To Make the System Better"
11/12/16 Holidays "Courage and Humility"
11/19/16 Economy "The Immense Possibilities" Delivered by Vice President Joe Biden
11/24/16 Holidays "To Nurture and Protect"
12/03/16 Cures Act "To Work One More Time"
12/10/16 Affordable Care Act "Now Is the Time"
12/16/16 Economy "Fair and Open and Honest"
12/23/16 Holidays "Gift of the Holidays" Given with First Lady Michelle Obama
12/31/16 Holidays "Privilege of My Life"


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Date Topic Title Notes
01/07/17 Farewell Address "Our Own New Chapter"
01/14/17 Farewell Address "The Honor of My Life"