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Campbell Easter Waters
American chemist, amateur botanist and author of books about ferns.[1]


  • Fern Allies found near Baltimore, Md. 1894.
  • A study of the products formed by the action of heat on parasulphaminemetatoluic acid. (Johns Hopkins Ph.D. dissertation) 1899.
  • Ferns: A Manual for the Northeastern States, with analytical keys based on the stalks and on the fructification. 1903.
  • The electrode equilibrium of the standard cell. (with F.A. Wolff) 1907.
  • Clark and Weston standard cells. (with F.A. Wolff) 1907.
  • The action of sunlight and air upon some lubricating oils. 1911.
  • The behavior of high-boiling mineral oils on heating in the air. 1911.
  • The effect of added fatty and other oils upon the carbonization of mineral lubricating oils. 1911.
  • The determination of total sulphur in India rubber. (with J.B. Tuttle) 1913.
  • The evaporation test for mineral lubricating and transformer oils. 1913.
  • Data on the oxidation of automobile cylinder oils. 1916.
  • Some qualitative tests for gum arabic and its quantitative determination. 1917.
  • Inks, 1940.


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