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Ernest Bramah

English author in the fields of humour, mystery and politico-science fiction. Best known for the Kai Lung and Max Carrados (the blind detective) series.

Ernest Bramah


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Kai Lung books[edit]

The Transmutation of Ling — The Story of Yung Chang — The Probation of Sen Heng — The Experiment of the Mandarin Chan Hung — The Confession of Kai Lung — The Vengeance of Tung Fel — The Career of the Charitable Quen-Ki-Tong — The Vision of Yin, The Son of Yat Huang — The Ill-regulated Destiny of Kin Yen, the Picture-maker

Max Carrados books[edit]

The Coin of Dionysius — The Knight's Cross Signal Problem — The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage — The Clever Mrs Straithwaite — The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor — The Tilling Shaw Mystery — The Comedy at Fountain Cottage — The Game Played in the Dark
The Virginiola Fraud — The Disappearance of Marie Severe — The Secret of Dunstan's Tower — The Mystery of the Poisoned Dish of Mushrooms — The Ghost at Massingham Mansions — The Missing Actress Sensation — The Ingenious Mr Spinola — The Kingsmouth Spy Case — The Eastern Mystery
The Secret of Headlam Height — The Mystery of the Vanished Petition Crown — The Holloway Flat Tragedy — The Curious Circumstances of the Two Left Shoes — The Ingenious Mind of Mr Rigby Lacksome — The Crime at the House in Culver Street — The Strange Case of Cyril Bycourt — The Missing Witness Sensation
  • The Bravo of London (1934)

Other fiction[edit]

Ming Tseuen and the Emergency — The Delicate Case of Mlle. Célestine Bon — The Dead March — A Very Black Business — The Bunch of Violets — Revolution — Smothered in Corpses — Fate and a Family Council — Lucretia and the Horse-Doctor — The War Hawks — The Great Hockington Find — Hautepierre's Star — The Goose and the Golden Egg — The Making of Marianna — Bobbie and Poetic Justice — The Heart of the Pagan — Once in a Blue Moon — The Marquise Ring — The "Dragon" of Swafton — The Dream of William Elgood — From a London Balcony

Individual short stories[edit]

Contributions to "Punch" Magazine.[edit]

  • "Zeitungs and Gazettings" in Punch, 147 (3824) (21st October, 1914)


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