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Frank Horace Vizetelly
English-American lexicographer, etymologist and editor. Son of Henry Richard Vizetelly.


  • 1906, A Desk-Book of Errors in English
  • 1913, The preparation of manuscripts for the printer
  • 1915, Essentials of English Speech and Literature
  • 1915, The Development of the Dictionary of the English Language
  • 1917, A Desk-Book of Twenty-five thousand Words Frequently Mispronounced
  • 1917, The soldier's service dictionary of English and French terms
  • 1920, Mend your Speech
  • 1920, Who? When? Where? What? 20,000 facts on makers of history, art, literature, science and religion
  • 1921, Words we Misspell in Business
  • 1922, The Practical Standard Dictionary of the English Language
Abridged from Funk and Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Language.
  • 1923, A Desk-Book of Idioms and Idiomatic Phrases in English Speech and Literature
  • 1931, Punctuation and Capitalization
  • 1932, How to Use English
  • 1933, How to speak English effectively

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