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George Oliver Onions
British writer who wrote in a variety of genres but is perhaps best remembered for his ghost stories, notably the highly regarded collection Widdershins which included the widely anthologized novella "The Beckoning Fair One". He was married to the novelist Berta Ruck. Pen name Oliver Onions
George Oliver Onions



  • Tales from a Far Riding (1902)
  • The Odd-Job Man (1903)
  • The Drakestone (1906) (external scan)
  • Pedlar's Pack (1908)
  • The Exception (1910) (external scan)
  • In Accordance with the Evidence (1910) (external scan)
  • Good Boy Seldom: A Romance of Advertisement (1911)
  • A Crooked Mile (1914) (external scan)
  • The Debit Account (1913) (external scan)
  • The Two Kisses: A Tale of a Very Modern Courtship (1913)
  • The Story of Louie (1913) (external scan)
  • The New Moon: A Romance of Reconstruction (1918)
  • A Case in Camera (1920) (external scan)
  • The Tower of Oblivion (1921) (external scan)
  • Peace in Our Time (1923)

Omnibus collections[edit]

  • Admiral Eddy (1907)
  • Draw in Your Stool (1909)
  • Gray Youth (1913), US omnibus (external scan)
    • The Two Kisses (1913)
    • A Crooked Mile (1914)
  • Whom God Hath Sundered (1925), omnibus
    • In Accordance with the Evidence (1910),
    • The Debit Account (1913)
    • The Story of Louie (1913)

Collections and short stories[edit]

Individual short stories[edit]

Some or all works by this author are in the public domain in the United States because they were published before January 1, 1924.

The author died in 1961, so works by this author are also in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 50 years or less. Works by this author may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.