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Henry Newbolt

English lawyer, poet and writer

Henry Newbolt




Collected works incorporating: Admirals All (1897), The Island Race (1898), The Sailing of the Long-Ships (1902), Songs of Memory and Hope (1909), and St. George's Day (1918)

From A Treasury of War Poetry, ... 1914-1919 (1917):



Short stories





  • Stories from Froissart (1899) (external scan)
  • Froissart in Britain (1900)
  • The Year of Trafalgar (1905) (external scan)
  • The Story of the Oxfordshire And Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (1915)
  • A New Study of English Poetry (1917 (external scan)
  • A Naval History Of The War 1914-1918 (1918)
  • Submarine and anti-submarine (1918) (external scan)
  • The Book of the Long Trail (1919)
  • Naval Operations (1920)
  • The Tide of Time in English Poetry (1925)

As editor

  • An English anthology of prose and poetry, showing the main stream of English literature through six centuries (14th century - 19th century) (1921)
  • Essays and Essayists (1925)
  • The Greenwood (1925)
  • New Paths on Helicon (1927)

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