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Hilaire Belloc
prolific writer in England during the early twentieth century. His style and personality during later life complemented the nickname he received in childhood, "Old Thunder." Brother of Marie Adelaide Belloc

This author wrote articles for the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, and the list on this page is complete

Hilaire Belloc








Collections of essays








Individual poems:

1920 – 1929


1930 – 1939

  • The Catholic Church and Current Literature (1930)
  • Pauline - Favorite Sister of Napoleon (1930)
  • New Cautionary Tales (1930)
  • A Conversation with a Cat: and others (1931)
  • On Translation (Oxford: Clarendon, 1931)
  • Hilaire Belloc (Augustan books of Modern Poetry)
  • One Hundred and one Ballades (1931)
  • Nine Nines or Novenas from a Chinese Litany of Odd Numbers (1931)
  • The Postmaster General (1932)
  • Saulieu Of The Morvan (1932)
  • The Question and the Answer (1932)
  • Ladies and Gentlemen: For Adults Only and Mature at That (1932)
  • An Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine (1932)
  • Below bridges (1933)
  • The Tactics and Strategy of the Great Duke of Marlborough (1933)
  • How We Got The Bible (1934)
  • Hilaire Belloc (1935)
  • The Hedge and the Horse (1936)
  • The County of Sussex (1936)
  • Stories, essays, poems (1938)
  • Monarchy: a study of Louis XIV (1938)
  • Return to the Baltic (1938)
  • The Church and Socialism (1938)
  • The Case of Dr. Coulton (1938)
  • On sailing the sea; a collection of seagoing writings (1939)

1940 – 1953

  • On the Place of Gilbert Chesterton in English Letters (1940)
  • The Catholic and the War (1940)
  • The Alternative (1940)
  • Elizabethan Commentary (1942)
  • Places (1942)
  • Selected Essays (1948)
  • An Anthology of his Prose and Verse (1951)
  • World Conflict (1951)
  • Songs of the South Country (1951)


  • The Verse of Hilaire Belloc (1954)
  • One Thing and Another. A Miscellany from his Uncollected Essays selected by Patrick Cahill (1955)
  • Letters From Hilaire Belloc (1958)
  • Advice: Hilaire Belloc's advice on wine, food and other matters (1960)
  • Belloc: A Biographical Anthology (1970)
  • Hilaire Belloc's Prefaces (1971)

As translator


Contributions to the Catholic Encyclopedia


Works about Belloc


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