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Inez Haynes Irwin

Pen name: Inez Haynes Gillmore. American feminist author, journalist, member of the National Women's Party, and president of the Authors Guild. She was married to the reporter-author Will Irwin. Her fictional output is best remembered for her feminist literature and her 15-book "Maida" series of children's books.

Inez Haynes Irwin



  • "May Eve; or, What You Must" (1906, Smith's Magazine) (3-part serial)
  • June Jeopardy (1908)
  • Phoebe and Ernest (1910) Illustrated by R. F. Schabelitz hathitrust
    • The Lost Children · (1908) — Phoebe and the Heart of Toil · (1909) — Ernest and the First Arrow · (1909, as "Puppy Love") — Phoebe and her Other Self — Ernest and the Latch-Key Question — Phoebe and the Household Gods — Ernest and the Case of Old Mudguards — Phoebe among the Thespians — Ernest and the Social Game — The Codes · (1910; as "The Codes of Phoebe and Ernest") — Phoebe Makes the Grand Tour — Epilogue
  • Janey: being the record of a short interval in the journey through life and the struggle with society of a little girl of nine (1911)
    • Janey Enters the Social Game · (1910; as "Janey and the Social Revolution) — Janey Repudiates Matrimony · (1910; as "A Renegade Mother") — Janey Snares the Stork · (1910; as "Janey and the Stork") — Janey Takes Her Pen in Hand · (1910) — Janey Tracks Cupid · (1911; as "Janey and the Little Blind God") — Janey Peers Behind the Veil · (1911) — Janey Interprets the Great Bard · (1911; as "Janey Takes a Thinking Part") — Janey Dabbles in High Finance · (1911) — Janey Gazes in Her Mirror · (1911; as "Janey Discovers the Great Illusion")
  • Phoebe, Ernest, and Cupid (1912) Illustrated by R. F. Schabelitz
    • Ernest and the Law of Order — Phoebe and the Little Blind God — Phoebe Among the Bohemians — Ernest Lays down His Arms — Phoebe Closes with Cupid — The Discoveries — The House Book — I, Phoebe, Take Thee, Toland — Ernest and the Conspirators — Phoebe and the Most Important Bird — Till He Gets Him a Wife — The Found Children
  • Angel Island (1914) Project Gutenberg
  • The Ollivant Orphans (1915)
  • The Lady of Kingdoms (1917)
  • The Happy Years (1919)
  • Out of the Air (1921) Project Gutenberg
  • The Lost Diana (novella), Everybody's Magazine (1923)

The Maida books[edit]

Short stories[edit]

Phoebe and Ernest
Phoebe, Ernest, and Cupid
Other stories


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