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James Branch Cabell

American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres. Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken, Edmund Wilson, and Sinclair Lewis. His best-known book, Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice (1919), was the subject of a celebrated obscenity case shortly after its publication.

James Branch Cabell


  • The Eagle's Shadow (1904) IA
  • The Line of Love (1905) Illustrated by Howard Pyle IA
  • Branchiana; being a partial account of the Branch family in Virginia (1907) non-fiction IA
  • Gallantry; an eighteenth century dizain in ten comedies (1907) Illustrated by Howard Pyle IA
  • The Cords of Vanity; a comedy of shirking (1909) IA'
  • Chivalry: illustrated (1909) short stories IA
  • The Soul of Melicent (1913) IA
  • The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck: A comedy of limitations (1915) IA
  • The Majors and their marriages (1915) IA
  • The Certain Hour (Dizain des poëtes) (1916) IA
  • From the Hidden Way: Being Seventy-five Adaptations in Verse (1916) IA
  • The Cream of the Jest; a comedy of evasions (1917) IA
  • Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice (1919) IA
  • Domnei: a comedy of woman-worship (1920) IA
  • The Judging of Jurgen (1920) IA
  • Figures of Earth: a comedy of appearances (1921) IA
  • The Jewel Merchants: a comedy in one act (1921) IA
  • Beyond Life: Dizain Des Demiurges (1921) IA
  • Taboo; a legend retold from the Dirghic of Sævius Nicanor (1921) IA
  • Joseph Hergesheimer, an essay in interpretation (1921) IA
  • The lineage of Lichfield; an essay in eugenics (1922) IA

Individual short stories and articles[edit]

Tales retold from the French of Nicolas De Caen

About Cabell or his works[edit]

  • The Art of James Branch Cabell (1920) by Hugh Walpole IA
  • A Bibliographic Check-list of the Works of James Branch Cabell, 1904-1921 (1921; 250 copies, limited edition), by Merle Johnson, 1874-1935 IA
  • Philosophy of James Branch Cabell (1931), by Alfred Andrews
  • The Theory of Literature of James Branch Cabell (1966) by Charles Farrell Gray

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