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Jeong Do-jeon

Korean Goryeo and Joseon dynasty politician, Neo-Confucian philosopher, educator, poet; pen name was Sambong (삼봉, 三峰).

Jeong Do-jeon


  • 《Sambongjip》 (삼봉집, 三峯集)
  • 《Joseonkyunggukjeon》 (조선경국전, 朝鮮經國典)
  • 《Kyungjemoongam》 (경제문감, 經濟文鑑)
  • 〈Kyungjeuiron〉 (경제의론, 經濟議論)
  • 《Bulssijapbyon》 (불씨잡변, 佛氏雜辨)
  • 《Simmooncheondap》 (심문천답, 心問天答)
  • 《Shimkiri》 (심기리, 心氣理)
  • 《Hakjajinamdo》 (학자지남도, 學者指南圖)
  • 《Jinmaekdokyeol》 (진맥도결, 診脈圖結)
  • 《Goryoguksa》 (고려국사, 高麗國史) 37
  • 《Sangmyungjein Taesanbeop》 (상명태일제산법, 上明太日諸算法)
  • 《Jinbeop》 (진법, 陣法)
  • 《Daemyungryujikhae》 (대명률직해, 大明律直解)

Some or all works by this author were published before January 1, 1927, and are in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago. Translations or editions published later may be copyrighted. Posthumous works may be copyrighted based on how long they have been published in certain countries and areas.