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Joseph McCabe

English writer and speaker on freethought, after having been a priest earlier in his life

Joseph McCabe


Big Blue Books[edit]

Little Blue Books[edit]

Some Little Blue Books can be found in the "Collaborations" section.

109c. Facts You Should Know about the Classics (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R144415 )
297b. Do We Need Religion?
354b. The Absurdities of Christian Science
365b. Myths of Religious Statistics
366b. Religion's Failure to Combat Crime
439b. My Twelve Years in a Monastery
445b. The Fraud of Spiritualism (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R139957 )
446b. The Psychology of Religion (1927)
477b. The Nonsense Called Theosophy
841b. The Future of Religion (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R135532 )
1007. The Revolt Against Religion (1926) due to (Renewal: R111602 )
1008. The Origin of Religion (1926) due to (Renewal: R111603 )
1030. The World's Great Religions (1926)
1059. The Myth of Immortality (1926)
1060. The Futility of Belief in God (1926)
1061. The Human Origin of Morals (1926)
1066. The Forgery of the Old Testament (1926)
1076. Morals in Ancient Babylon (1926)
1077. Religion and Morals in Ancient Egypt (1926) due to (Renewal: R120036 )
1078. Life and Morals in Greece and Rome (1926) due to (Renewal: R116482 )
1079. Phallic Elements in Religion (1926)
1084. Did Jesus Ever Live? (1926)
1088. The Origin of Religion
1095. The Sources of Christian Morality (1926)
1102. Pagan Christs [1926], c1911.
1104. The Myth of the Resurrection
1107. Legends of Saints and Martyrs
1110. How Christianity Triumphed
1121. The Evolution of Christian Doctrine
1122. The Degradation of Woman
1127. Christianity and Slavery (1926)
1128. The Church and the School
1130. The Dark Ages
1131. How to Write for the Market
1132. New Light on Witchcraft
1134. The Horrors of the Inquisition
1136. Medieval Art and the Church
1137. The Moorish Civilization in Spain
1140. The Renaissance: A European Awakening
1141. The Reformation and Protestant Reaction
1142. The Truth about Galileo and Medieval Science (1926) due to (Renewal: R125715 )
1144. The Jesuits: Religious Rogues
1145. Religion and the French Revolution
1150. The Churches and Modern Progress
1203. Seven Infidel U.S. Presidents (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R130422 )
1205. Thomas Paine's Revolt Against the Bible
1211. The Conflict Between Science and Religion
1215. Robert G. Ingersoll: Benevolent Agnostic
1218. Christianity and Philanthropy
1224. Religion in the Great Poets (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R131339 )
1229. The Triumph of Materialism
1237. The Beliefs of Scientists
1243. The Failure of Christian Missions (1927) – Copyrighted in the United States until 2023 due to (Renewal: R131336 )
1248. Lies of Religious Literature
1450. Do We Live Forever? A Reply to Clarence True Wilson
1455. The End of the World
1486. Are Atheist Dogmatic?
1487. A Manual of Debunking
1490. Is Einstein's Theory Atheistic? An Answer to Cardinal O'Connell
1501. Mussolini and the Pope
1502. Why I Believe In Fair Taxation Of Church Property. (1930)
1509. The Gay Chronicle of the Monks and Nuns
1510. The Epicurean Doctrine of Happiness
1515. The Love Affair of a Priest and a Nun (Abelard and Heloise)
1536. Facing Death Fearlessly
1539. A Debate with a Jesuit Priest
1543. Is War Inevitable?
1550. How People Lived in the Middle Ages
1559. Can We Change Human Nature?
1561. That Horrible French Revolution
1731. Atheism in Russia
1732. What Gods Cost Man (1933)
1733. The Blood of Martyrs
1762. What is Wrong with the World
1763. How an Ape Became a Man
1764. The Evolution of Animal Life
1765. The World We Live In
1766. The Body Machine and How It Works
1767. The Mysteries of Embryology and Heredity
1768. The Plant World Simplified, the Main Principles of Modern Botany
1769. Has Man a Mind?
1770. Man the Creator, Physics as the Basis of Engineering
1771. The Wonders of Modern Chemistry, the Principles on Which They Are Based
1772. How Religion Began: Primitive Man Stumbles into a Blind Alley
1773. Philosophers and Their Dreams, the History and Nature of Philosophical Speculation
1774. Real and Unreal Moral Law, the New Ethic and Its Timely Revolution
1775. How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism, the Real Origin of the Christian Religion
1776. The Ancient World, from the Dawn of Civilization to the Greeks
1777. The World of the Greeks and Romans: How a New Age Opened 2500 Years Ago
1778. The Middles Ages: The Longest Reaction in History
1779. The Historical Truth about the Rebirth of Civilization: The Material Factors
1780. Asia's Great Atheist Religions: An Account of Confucianism and Buddhism
1781. Skeptics the Great Leaders of Progress: Historical Absurdity of the Alleged Menace of Skepticism
1782. The Making of the Modern World, Civilization Advances as Obscurantism Decays
1783. Lies and Bunk about Racial Superiority: The Aryan and Other Races
1784. Asia and Its Problems: The Asiatics Just as Capable of Progress as the Whites
1785. Japan and America: Why America was Caught Napping
1786. Russia in the Light of the War: A Revolution in World Opinion
1787. Socialism and Capitalism: A Short Statement of the Economic Issue
1788. Evolution or Revolution: Fallacy of the Slow and Steady Theory of Progress
1789. Can We Change Human Nature? Social Psychology Slays the Popular Myth
1790. Sham Fighting about Matter and Spirit: Current Bunk about Materialism and the Spiritual
1791. Freethought and Agnosticism: Lies and Confusion in Conventional Literature
1792. The Literature of Myths and Legends: Books that Dupe Half the World
1793. Great Poets and Their Creeds: The Fallacy that Religion Inspires Great Poetry
1794. The Theaters and the Cinema: A Critique of Them as Organs of Public Education
1795. Pessimism in Modern Literature: Why So Much Cynicism in Brilliant Writers
1796. Modern Fancy Religions: When Do They Become Rackets
1797. The Futility of All Mysticism: The Claim that There is a Superscientific Knowledge
1798. Fundamentalist and Superior Believers: Fallacy of the Belief that Refining Orthodoxy Pays
1799. Is Our Degenerate? All Talk about Superior Earlier Ages Bunk
1800b. The Crying Need of School Reform: How to Make Education Attractive and Effective
1801c. The Question of Democracy: A Critical Study of First Principles
1802. The Man and the Woman: Science and Common Sense on the Sex Question
1803. What Is the End of Life? Bunk about the Aimlessness of Modern Life
1804. Bunk about Marriage: The Synthetic Zeal of the Bigots
1805. Should the World Federate? The Question of the Federation of All Nations
1806. H. G. Wells and His Creed: An Examination of the Chief Constructive Proposals in Literature
1807. Is America Religious? A Candid Examination and Critique of Claims
1808. Death Control and Birth Control: The Orthodox Attitude Paradoxical and Insincere
1809. Bunk About Free will and Strong Will: Another Revolution in Psychology
1810. The Materialistic Determination of History: A Great Philosophy in Brief Outline
1811. Man Today Faces His Greatest Opportunity: This Tide in Man's Affairs
1830. The Mystery of Existence [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 3, and as The Critic and Guide (formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 6].
1831. Sex Life in Russia [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 4, and as the Critic and Guide (Formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 6].
1844. The Erring Husband [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 6, and as the Critic and Guide (Formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 2].


  • Little Blue Book 122. Joseph McCabe and Conan Doyle. Debate on Spiritualism. (1920)
  • Little Blue Book 1125 Joseph McCabe, N.A. Crawford, B. Russell, M. Fishbein, J.V. Nash, M.A. De Ford and E.T. Brewster. A Book of American Shams.
  • Little Blue Book 1262 Joseph McCabe and G.M. Price. Is Evolution True? Is Evolution, as a Process, Substantiated by Facts?
  • Little Blue Book 1730 Joseph McCabe and E. Haldeman-Julius. How Man Made God.

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