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Lina Theodora Schmitz
British translator; wrote under the name 'L. Dora Schmitz' or 'L.D.S.'; daughter of Leonhard Schmitz; known as Lina Theodora Machell at her death


  • (Tr.) Troy and Its Remains: A Narrative of Researches and Discoveries Made on the Site of Ilium and in the Trojan Plain, German original by Heinrich Schliemann, ed. Phillip Smith (1875) (external scan)
  • (Tr.) The Buchholz Family: Sketches of Berlin life, German original by Julius Stinde (1889) (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • (Tr.) Correspondence between Schiller and Goethe, from 1794 to 1805, German original by Schiller and Goethe (1890) (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • (Tr.) The History of creation, or, The development of the earth and its inhabitants by the action of natural causes German original by Haeckel
  • (Tr.) The revolt of the United Netherlands. German original by Schiller (1897) (external scan)
  • (Tr.) Shakespeare's dramatic art German original by Ulrici (1876) (external scans (multiple parts): 1, 2)
  • (Tr.) Essays on Shakespeare German original by Karl Elze (1874) (external scan)
  • (Tr.) William Shakespeare: A Literary Biography, German original by Karl Elze (1888) (external scan)
  • (Tr.) History of English Literature, Vol. III. German original by ten Brink (1896) (external scan)
  • (Tr.) Miscellaneous Travels of J. W. Goethe, German original by J. W. Goethe (1882) (external scan)

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